Saturday, August 29, 2009

Staycation Pix

We spent the last two weeks staycationing from home. Most days we did things for free, so our total two week expenditure was only about $120.00! (does not include food and gas, both of which were minimal because we came home for lunch most days) Here is the breakdown and some photos of our fun filled time!
Monday August 17 - Letterboxing at Wright Park. We played on the playground and chaised squirrels. We had FHE with our friends the Hellyers and played our fishing game!
Tuesday August 18 - Picked blueberries for two hours at blueberry park. Yum!
Wednesday August 19 - Here are some pics of us at the McKinley Playfield sprayground.

It's a pluot!

On Thursday August 20th, we went fishing!

Here's our catch.

Friday August 21st, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

The girls were very brave to ride that big camel at the zoo!

We got to feed the budgies bird food on a stick. What is the problem with the kid in back?

Saturday August 22, Mt. Rainier National Park

Playing in a stream.

We hiked the Longmire trail and Natalie did the whole .8 mile on her own!

Monday August 24th we found a letterbox at Hyde Park on the waterfront, and we also played on the little beach there and got our kite up with very little breeze.
Tuesday August 25th we went to the library and then walked the trails of Orange Gate park which is just down the street from us. We scouted out some spots to hide a letterbox of our own.
Wednesday August 26th, we went to Dash Point State Park and played on the beach at high tide. At first I was dissapointed the tide was in, but it made a much smaller beach for me to keep track of my kids on:) Here we are at Dash Point

Chocolate chip cookie with just a hint of sand. Mm!

Brindy has no feet!

On Thursdays in the Summer the Children's Museum of Tacoma is free! Here are a couple pics from August 27th.

Friday August 28th was our Ferry Boat adveture. We rode to Vashon Island and back on the Rhododendron. We got red vines from the vending machine as a special treat. From the boat we saw jelly fish and seals!

After our boat ride we stopped at Vassault Park to play and this time the wind was just right for kite flying. If you look closely you can see the line is paid out all the way!

Thanks for sharing our staycation adventure! Look for more next week as we start Home school for the first time ever!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I want to add a post about letterboxing. It's my new hobby and it has taken me and my family to some fun places. Brandon and I even found one on a date! Here is the best place to go for information and to find letterboxes in your area. Have fun!