Sunday, September 6, 2009

Failures and successes

Brindy was having trouble with the number 12. She decided she would quit home school because it was too hard. So I let things simmer down that day and the next day I asked her to help me make a poster of the twelve dancing princesses and write a fancy number 12 on it. I gave her a flashcard to copy and she had a great time practicing writing 12 and drawing princesses of course! Today the kids had the sniffles so we stayed home from church and boredom set in quickly. I gave Brindy an old workbook and told her to find a coloring activity to do. She found a color by number page that used the teen numbers. She was very excited to see the number 12 and had no trouble naming it! Then at noon, I yelled to her in a very excited way to come see the clock. I asked her what time it was and she said 12:00! I think we are ready to move on now, but this is important to post about, because it reminds us that sometimes we need to just let anxiety simmer down and then come at something from a different angle. I think I will be doing some things differently in the future. The kids are leading the way!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today was another fun home school day. We did a cooking project today. We made Jell-O with pears for our afternoon snack. We also had the whole world in our hands as we put our hands on the north pole, south pole, and equator of our new globe. The kids really enjoy playing with their calculators too.

Brindy built a balance during recess using pvc pipes, roller skates and a bathroom stool balanced on the top rung of the slide ladder. She called it her "invention" and Brian destroyed it in one, no actually in two fell swoops. At least I got this picture first!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day of home school!

Wow! So much to think about. Note to myself first of all: don't wait until 9:30 the night before to start putting together a bulletin board. Today we did table work, science, and art, and had recess and two story times and a snack. We had lunch too of course. I think the kids did well. They were impressed with my calendar/ bulletin board, and they really loved painting. We used black and white and no water for dipping because we wanted to mix the colors to make different shades. For science, we discussed absorption and tried different materials to see if they would absorb water or not. School officially started at 9am with a prayer/devotional and the pledge of allegiance. School ended by 1pm with a final story time before naps. Everyone slept so I was able to get some serious house work done! That was my favorite part of the day (besides recess, 'cause I really had fun jumping rope with the kids)